Wednesday January 17, 2018
Aug 2015



Boston is a city rich in history and is known for some of the greatest dynamic duo’s in sports history. Larry Bird & Robert Parish, Bill Russell & Bob Cousy, Pedro Martinez & Big Papi , and Tom Brady & Randy Moss. On the music front a new dynamic duo has emerged as two young dynamic emcees from the Bean Millyz & GioDee have teamed up on a new track called “WDC (We Don’t Care)” in which the two emcees tell the masses “They Don’t Care” as they make their own money, make their own moves, and do whatever it takes to make it to the top. That gritty hard working Boston attitude shines through on this track as Millyz & GioDee ride this Ric N Thadius produced track as effortlessly as a Brady to Moss deep route! The end result is a proverbial Touchdown as Millyz & GioDee connect for the win!


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