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Jul 2015



Dangerous is the first single off the upcoming album “One-Five” (Sep 2015 release) by gLife featuring MasterQ on violin. In a world of fakes and snakes, it is time for people to stand up to the system, fight back, and get justice. Dangerous is the sequel to gLife’s video “Not Forgotten”, about lost brothers to police violence, suicide, and drug overdoses. Having been declared a visual “masterpiece” and “sickening” at the same time, Dangerous is a must watch.

gLife is an independent singer/songwriter and rapper born in Salt Lake City, UT but is considered a local to the entire “Mountain West region”; having done over 1000 shows in the Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and Nevada. He has also performed in Canada, the Hawaiiaan islands, and at dozens of grass root music festivals being compared to the sounds of Swollen Members, Sublime, Dilated Peoples, the Roots, SLUG, and more. He is usually with his crew DJ Pookie and Master Q (violin) backing him up on stage and vice versa.


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