Thursday February 22, 2018
Jul 2015

Travis Davon


As “Independence Day” has come and gone, and the summer is fully in e-f-f-e-c-t. Travis Davon aka “Bossman” brings us a thought provoking visual/song “Miss America”. In this simple but classic video Travis talks about the ills of today’s society and the frustrations of being young & black in America. With lyrics like “Counting this money even tho it’s bloody/ they say time is money/ gotta kill for that watch on your arm /This world got me ticked off and I’m about to explode that pussy is the bomb!” Travis gives us insight into the mindset of young people who are out there just trying to live the American Dream. Just out there trying to get it, while Miss America taunts us with the illusion that all that glitters is gold. Bossman leaves no stone uncovered as he tackles everything from emergence of Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose, to how the media portrays young black America.

Checkout “Miss America” after the jump and see America from Bossman’s point of view!


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