Thursday February 22, 2018
Sep 2014
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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks has been dealing with the conviction of her husband Apollo really well. Especially since he did the crime while married to Phaedra. Well, the term stand by your man is out of the window since Apollo has been convicted of identity and bank fraud. Apollo has been convicted to 8 years in prison and Ms. Parks was not having that.

For weeks, there has been reports that Phaedra and Apollo have been having problems since his convictions. In fact, Apollo has gone on a few rants against his wife and the mother of his two sons Ayden and Dylan. This week Apollo had to report to a Kentucky prison and instead of his spending his last days with his family, he spent it at strip clubs and according to reports, going to Phaedra’s house and causing a lot of drama. In fact the police had to be called.

Apparently, Phaedra has had enough of Apollo and is filing for divorce. According to Radar Online, Phaedra has had the divorce papers ready and was waiting to file them. Wow, Phaedra is not playing. She must have been really hurt from what she is doing.

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