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Mar 2011

Melissa Jean

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A look at the trash-talking and beef that’s going on between Daniel “boobie” Gibson and Lebron James.


So what I’d really like to know people is what’s the beef? I mean weren’t these two really good friends, having each others back until Lebron made a decision that he felt would better his career and leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.  What started as the entire team feeling some type of way when Lebron chose to leave his Cavaliers team-mates turned into someone feeling “perhaps” salty the most; Daniel Gibson. In December, Gibson took it personal with James’ behavior when his Miami Heat team beat out the Cavaliers in Cleveland.

But what added more insult to injury is when Gibson who celebrated his birthday not too recently. It was reported that Gibson who was intoxicated grabbed the mic and  proclaimed  himself the “King of Cleveland” and his fiancée and mother to his son; singer Keyshia Cole being the “Queen of Cleveland”. After that was said he began expressing some heated words about someone whom he called “the player that left Cleveland” #ruh-roh! But he never actually came out saying that it was Lebron James he was talking about.

Well things got a bit heated when word got back to James about what Gibson had said. According to a source close to Gibson, James was real upset upon hearing about the boast. The drama unfolded in front of their more than 1.5 million combined Twitter followers. Lebron James tweeted the following: “I wake up this morning to hear somebody got real fly at the mouth at their party last night. I see where we stand now even though I sense it!” He then followed with:Get out your feelings”. After that, Gibson then tweeted: “complaining about someone’s tweets is like complaining about the channel & you got the remote in your hands”. Gibson then wrote:Life is too short to worry about what others feel & think about you.. So have fun #DoYou & Give em something to talk about.#whew! Did it suddenly just get hot in here?!!

However the air was cleared between the two NBA players after James and Gibson later resolved the issue because Gibson said he didn’t mean to insult James.  But what I’m trying to understand is why are two grown, BIG, men like Daniel and Lebron arguing and taking to the internet to beef and throwing subliminals at public outings? What ever happen to “whatever I say behing your back, I have no problem saying it to your face” or just two grown professional men who once were friends, sitting down and discussing their ill feelings towards one another?! Lebron left the team and did what he felt he needed to do for him! For what it’s worth, James must move on from Cleveland; permanently. There can be no more “shots-fired” at the Cavaliers during their epic losing streaks, and absolutely no more responding to former teammates who want to rant on twitter, especially when their greatest claim to fame is being Keyshia Cole’s baby’s father. #no offense “boobie”!

At the end of it all, let us remember that we’re all grown people in this god-forsaken world and we all have a purpose in life. No one has the time or energy to gallivant on-line or even out in the streets about why you don’t like someone or your personal feelings on decisions they make in their day-to-day lives. So on that note; we here at Versed are going to continue living and doing what it is we do best; and that is making sure we come correct in everything we do and yes we’re also Versed approved! Are you? #good day!

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  • Vlove

    in a couple of years no one will remember who Lebron is…


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