Friday January 19, 2018
Sep 2014


It seems African American Women are once again being black balled. This time for their own ASSESTS! The wonderful people at Vogue magazine decided to praise women who are not of color for their volupous figures and not give credit where credit is due…African American women.

For years, women of color have been put on the back end while women of European descent have are considered the most beautiful and the most desirable with African features. In the article, Vogue praised women like Kim Kardashian, Myley Cyrus, Rose McGowan, Iggy Azalea and many others for bringing “booty” into Hollywood. While reading the article, they spoke about when Jennifer Lopez first hit the pop scene in 1999 claiming that was when big butts became known to world. But what Vogue Magazine failed to recognize to address is a woman named Sara Baartman.

Who is Sara Baartman you might ask? Sara Baartman was a South African woman who was taken from her village to be a circus side show for her figure. When the Europeans went to South Africa, they had never seen a woman with such a curvy figure of a big butt and small waist. Baartman was taken to Europe to work as a freak show experiment( the Europeans even did tests on Baartman to find out why she was shaped like that) for people to see this unusual figure. After being used and abused, Baartman ended up becoming a prostitute and died in Europe. Leaving her story untold until a few years ago.

Vogue magazine opened up a can worms with this article and many people including myself feels that they were wrong. But I’m also thankful for this article because now it is opening eyes of people to show that when it comes to anything African American lay their hands on, it is taken away. How can Vogue glamorize women who behinds might not be real and leave the women who do have real body parts alone and hung out to dry?

We as African Americans have to praise and love one another because Hollywood would never accept us for who we are. Vogue will not acknowledge the true women with real curves, but they will look up to those who use African American women as a muse to get up in Hollywood and some even get the men. This calls for Essence, Jet and other urban magazines to do an article or have a full spread of natural women with real curves because Vogue who barely has models with curves seems to have their information wrong.

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