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Nov 2013

Puma at Ink 124, Picture credit:

Black Ink Crew were known as a unit one point in time. They were unbreakable and everyone seemed to get along. That is until, the VH-1 camera’s started rolling and ego’s got in the way of friendships [and business.] The second season of Black Ink Crew has been on since September and already there are separation between friend’s and tattoo shops.

Puma, who use to work at Black Ink got fired and opened up his own Tattoo shop; which caused more tension amongst the workers and friend’s of Black Ink Crew. Puma and Sassy sat down with VERSED Online to discuss the current state of him and his former co-workers of Black Ink and the new endeavors he is about to embark on.


Ink 124, Picture credit:


Puma and Sassy at Ink 124, Picture credit:


20130917_183006 (1)

20130917_165748 (1) Ink 124, Picture credit:


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