Thursday February 22, 2018
Nov 2012
Written by Ballah-Moni


R&B Divas is one of the hit shows to hit TV One. Following Faith Evans and her “R&B Divas” Monifah, Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt, and Nicci Gilbert. If you watched the season, you would know that Nicci was the only one who had problems with the ladies with some of  her negative comments and her attitude. There were rumors circling the Internet about Nicci being fired from the show before the shooting of next season. Well, it seems the rumors were true because Gilbert has been fired. Reasons for why Nicci was axed is still kind of sketchy. Some are saying the reason why Gilbert was “fired” from the show is because she did not connect with the audience.

Wow, fired from the show you are co-producing, seems serious! Wonder which “diva” will be chosen for the show. Hopefully she connects with the audience before she gets the ax as well.


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