Tuesday February 20, 2018
Oct 2013



Rapper/Singer Future learned that talking too much can lead you to maybe missing out on a tour of your life. Last week, Future made  negative comments about about fellow rapper Drake’s album to Billboard Magazine.

Drake got wind of the comment and was not too pleased. In fact, Drake was so upset at the comment that word on the street is that Drake dropped Future from the tour. Being that this will probably be one of the best tours of Future’s career, he threatened to sue Drake for $1.5 million.

For a few days there were reports of Drake replacing Future with songstress Jhene Aiko. On Thursday, Future confirmed that in fact he is back on tour with Drake with a tweet.

Back in Atl getting ready for tour..1st stop Pittsburgh

IT seems a a fear of lawsuit always does the trick.


image via rollingout.com


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