Thursday January 18, 2018
Mar 2012


R.I.P. to Rev. Al Sharpton’s mother, Ada Sharpton, passed away early yesterday morning (Thursday, March 22nd)  after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia for several years.


Ada Sharpton was 87 years old and lived in Dothan, AL. Sharpton allegedley learned of his mom’s passing while boarding a flight to Sanford, FL, to attend a rally for Trayvon Martin this evening. Although in mourning, he sent a tweet to let followers know that he will still continue with his plans to fight for justice for the slain teen, tweeting:

My mother, Ada Sharpton passed in the early hours of this morning,” he tweeted. “She was my all. I hope God will give her now, PEACE. I love you, Mom.” It is said that after the rally, Al will fly to Alabama to make plans for his mother’s funeral. Our prayers and thoughts are both with Al Sharpton and the family of Trayvon Martin.

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