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Mar 2011

Yvonne “Y-Dub” Wilkins

Entertainment/Fashion Writer

Think of your favorite fashion icon. What is it that you love about them? Is it the clothes that they wear, or the way they wear the clothes? Is it the trend category that they fit under, or their ability to turn that trend into their own?

Now stop and think about your own personal style, I know many of you may not recognize that you have a personal style, but you fail to realize that personal style is natural, almost like a personality, everyone has one!

The trick is identifying your personal style, connecting it to current trends, and using your own edge to make that trend your own.

The VERSED fashionista’s have decided that it is time to use our impeccable fashion sense to benefit those who have not yet embraced their own. After a fashion filled brainstorming session we have decided that the best way to educate people on the importance of embracing personal style is through our “Style your Style” Campaign. We want to make sure that no personal style is left behind by offering fun fashion tips and keeping our faithful readers well educated on the hottest trends and more importantly how to make those trends their own!

This time on “Style your Style” we’ll be taking a look at one ladies Spring fashion trend and giving some exciting tips on how to make it your own!

Ladies! This Spring fashion is taking a trip back to the 70’s!  The “70’s Glamour” trend is all the talk on the runways this season. The best part about the 70’s trend is you can dress it down with some bohemian flavor or glam it up with some sophisticated swag. The key elements of the 70’s style are boldness, sexy sass, and effortless beauty.

Here’s how you can take the 70’s trend and make it your own!

For the Simple yet stylish girl: This trend should actually be easy for you to embrace! Flowy tops and dresses are all the rage for the 70’s trend. Grab a simple loose and flowy top, tank or blouse. Pair it with super tight skinny jeans and some exotic jewels and accessories. You can keep your own simple look while also embracing the current trend!

Bright and Vibrant Chick: Yes! This is so perfect for you! Accessorizing is all the rage with the 70’s trend, this is your chance to invest in some bright colored feathered earrings and some sexy vibrant jewels!

Sophisticated yet sassy: Hey Miss. Sophisticated! We have some hot stuff for you with the 70’s trend. Loose ice-cream tone dresses look absolutely dazzling for the Spring weather. Pair your dress with a neutral toned braided belt and a throwback 70’s headband and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Boyish, Punk/Retro Chick: Ok, I know you guys are a little skeptical about this one, but hear me out! Go ahead and grab a pair of those trendy Doc Marten combat boots to add some punk flair to your 70’s look. Work your way up your look with a funky pair of leggings and a loose off the shoulder top. Now for the accessories, take a risk with a big floppy super 70’s canopy hat and some funky bracelets and huge rings. Invest in a thumb ring; they always add some edge to your look!

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  • Vlove

    This article is cool, but there should be some pictures up there..
    but i like it..


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