Monday February 19, 2018
Dec 2014
Written by Ballah-Moni


He’s back. One of the most feared men in hip hop is abck after being shot a few months back. Suge Knight came from out of the shadows to comment on a controversial story that has been flying around the internet for some time now.

Lil’ Wayne and Baby has been in the ring for some time for the release of Wayne’s album. While people are split on who’s side to be on, Suge Knight Decided that he wanted to weigh in on the alleged beef and sent a little message to Drake.

“Double shout-outs to Lil Wayne for being free. Not stopping him. You know, Lil Wayne is somebody I got a lot of love and respect for. It ain’t about picking him up, it’s about having his back. Because of Wayne, most people got their passes. So they better pass it up. And Drake, as long as you stay down with Wayne, you don’t got to worry about the last dance with the dancer. It comes.”

Wait what? Are we the only ones who are confused to the shot at Drake? What is Suge Knight even talking about?

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