Tuesday February 20, 2018
Feb 2015
Written by Ballah-Moni



Now, this is the wrong time for grown men to be beefing with each other. Diddy and Drake who use to be friends got into a scuffle over a song. Diddy got so upset, he allegedly punched the 0-100

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Dec 2014
Written by Ballah-Moni


He’s back. One of the most feared men in hip hop is abck after being shot a few months back. Suge Knight came from out of the shadows to comment on a controversial story that has been flying around the

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Oct 2014


This is not looking good for neither Katt Williams or Suge Knight. The two were arrested October 29th for allegedly stealing a female photographer’s camera on September 5th. According to CNN, the Los Angelos County District Attorney is thinking of

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Sep 2014



Suge Knight, who was shot six times at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA’s party in West Hollywood, has officially been released from the hospital. Knight took 5 rounds to the stomach and one to the arm. TMZ.com has released some photo’s

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May 2014


18 years ago, the world was stunned when Tupac Shakur was shot and killed while in Las Vegas. Since his death, there has been alot of scenario’s about his last minutes before and after being shot. Well, there is one

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Feb 2014



In the early 90’s, Dr. Dre made the name of Death Row records. Being the first artist, Dr. Dre sold millions of records and paved the way for West Coast rappers. In 1996, Dr. Dre left Death with alot

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