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Aug 2013


The Geography of the Music Industry

By: Anthony Villiotti


blog_image_200812_04Ever question whether or not you can “make it” considering where you currently live?  Well, you’re not alone.  Many artists feel they were cursed with living in a “musically dead geographic area.”  You wonder what to do – given that you can’t bring the music industry to Bangor, Maine.  Well, this is what you can do: You start with what you have.  Start locally and begin to build a fan base and, even in some locations, work with the professionals that are available to you.

What’s most important about the concept of geography in the music industry is the fact that music is appreciated everywhere.  So no matter where you are currently living, there is no excuse.  Get out to your local bars and clubs and win people over!  Get up on that stage and do your thing!  But before you get off stage, shout out your single/album on iTunes, and social media links. Use personality to ask for peoples support.  You’ll develop fans, and later on, these first fans have the potential to become your die-hard fans.  This is not to say that you will never have to go to cities where the music scene is predominant [like, New York, LA, Nashville, Miami, etc.] — In fact, expect to make numerous trips out to any of these locations for meetings, interviews, and other various events.  But always remember, if you can make ‘where you’re from’ a part of your brand and really leverage it, people will love and respect your story.

So here’s what you should do now:

Read our past Brand U articles and apply them to your career.  No matter where you’re living; no matter how “dead” you think the music scene is in and around your hometown – you can [and should] still focus on building your brand and local fan base.


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