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The importance of your music industry knowledge…

By: Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves



You’re looking for a job and you happen to come across a position you think you’ll like.  It’s safe to say that you take the time to learn about that position and the company that’s hiring, right?  The same holds true if you are looking to get into the music industry.


If you are an aspiring artist, you’ve come to realize by now that following your dream isn’t quite as glamorous as you’d hoped it would be.  You’ve realized that nothing happens overnight and that the more you do, the more you still have to do.  The truth of the matter is that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order for you to reach that pinnacle of superstardom.  But the real question is: “Are you going about ‘the work’ the right way?”  Or in other words: “Do you know what you’re doing or what you’re getting yourself into?”


A mistake is usually made after choosing the wrong decision.  So, you can say that mistakes lie in the outcome of our, ‘decision making.’  Most, if not all, mistakes happen to be the result of leading with our emotions when there is a lack of understanding/knowledge of the subject matter.  As an aspiring artist, you are subject to this.  How so?  Because, you’ll do whatever it takes to become a ‘celebrity’ – you want success to happen quicker; you want ‘fame’ now and you hate the fact that it’s taking so long.  These feelings are what will get you to make a decision that is “seemingly” the one that will get you where you want to be quicker.  When in fact, it will only make you halt, or even force you to go backwards.  The only way to prevent it is by putting in the time to obtain knowledge in order to make the right decisions for your career.



There is a process for everything we want to build in life.  And with everything that’s built, a ‘foundation’ is essential…and just so happens to be the first step.  Your ‘foundation,’ is your ‘knowledge.’  Get informed.  You now have easier access to the inner workings of the music industry.  Thankfully, you can find tons of reliable information that are out there in the form of books, people, internet articles/interviews, stories of success/failure to learn from, and the list goes on.  From how to find the best team to bring on board your project, to how record labels and publishing companies [really] work – it’s all out there for you.  Make use of it!


Understand this: The music industry is a business.  So treat it like one.  Take the time to learn the ins and outs of this business and how it works before diving into it.  It’s a simple concept: Your ‘brand’ is a business in and of itself.  Believe it or not, that is how the music industry will look at you.  Therefore, you want to offer them what they are looking for: a potential business partnership.  Create that foundation of knowledge so you can make the right decisions for your business, ultimately making your business more attractive to those you want to attract.



Final Thoughts:


Do your research.  Educate yourself.  And remember that the biggest investment you can put into your business, is your time.  The time you spend obtaining the knowledge to build a sturdy foundation is what will make it last.


This post was written by Publicist / Media and Branding Professional, Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves.  If you are an upcoming artist/entrepreneur with questions regarding your brand/career, follow AP on Twitter @annapfgoncalves to interact with her!


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