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The Key Functions of Your Music Video

By: Anthony Villiotti

functions-1You’ve established a budget; you know where your brand is headed; you’re creating the music; you’re setting up the photoshoot, etc. etc.  – It’s obvious that you’re investing in your career.  Great!  Now, let’s discuss another very powerful piece of content you will need: your music video.  A music video can potentially take a mediocre song and turn it into a hit if it’s good enough.  But in order for your video to produce such results, you must make sure that three key functions are included:

1. Delivering a message.  Regardless of the genre of your song, a music video is supposed to visualize a message that you’re trying to transcend through your music.  Whether the message is visualized through acting or associating images (such as separate, unrelated scenes that portray it), you’ve got to make sure that some sort of message is being delivered.  Now, nobody says that this message must be deep or meaningful, but it should be there!

2. Building your image.  As I talked about in one of my earlier articles, every move you make as a recording artist must have a strategic purpose, and the music video surely must be produced strategically to build your brand.  You want to create a quality video that fits your image, clarifies your image, or tweaks your image in a direction it can afford to go.  For instance, Rihanna’s videos up to the “Good Girl Gone Bad” era primarily included her dancing on the beach or in a popular club.  However, with the release of her image changing album, came sexier and more intense videos – this was a good move!  Sure it was a risk and a risk you may not want to take, but if you do decide to take the risk, make sure that your brand will sustain the image you put out in the video.

3. Advertising your music.  Finally, the most important function that a video can serve is actually advertising your song.  You want the viewer of your song to finish watching your video and then want to go and purchase your song.  How do you do this?  Find out what your target audience looks for in a video.  If you are a hip hop artist, you can make your videos dance heavy and culturally relevant.  If you are a country artist, intricate stories visualized in your videos will resonate with your viewer and lead them to buy your music and build loyalty.  This may seem obvious, but think about what you as a consumer use to judge videos and apply that to your own work – it’s much different being on the seller side than on the consumer side.

As always, it is most important to realize that making a music video is just another step in branding yourself and your music, and it must fit in logically.  Music videos are huge investments and are taken out of your pay as an artist, so you must make sure that the return on this investment is significant.




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