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Mar 2011
The New Basketball Wife; Tami Roman!

The new girl on the hit show Basketball Wives…and what she’s all about.


Melissa Jean

Entertainment Writer

Tami Roman



Okay VERSED readers! I know you all or at least some of you watch the VH1 reality show “Basketball Wives” featuring some of the NBA’s current or ex wife/girlfriends. So by far since the show came on air, we’ve all gotten acquainted with the girls; Shaunie, Jennifer, Royce, Suzie, Gloria, and now Tami Roman who I guess is Gloria’s replacement in the second season.

Tami Roman, who I’m sure when we first watched already, lets the girls know and us watching; she is not to be messed with! #mhhhm girl! Let ‘em know! As she’s already made it clear “I’m very outspoken and say it like it is. Some people can’t deal with that, so it erupts into the fights…Sometimes, I can’t control myself. I try not to get upset, but when I do, whoever is there suffers the repercussions of everything I’ve held in. I just blow up

The 5’9’’ caramel light-eyed beauty who’s maiden name is Anderson originally came from White Plains NY but left and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career. From there, her successful modeling career sky-rocketed into her appearing in many nationwide clothing catalogues, doing music videos, and walking the many popular runway shows and beauty pageants. But after meeting Cindy Herron of the famous R&B ENVOGUE, Anderson had a urge to be in the entertainment industry and decided right there that she wanted to add actress onto her personal resume.

Tami Roman

It was while her many auditioning gigs, Anderson was still holding down a full time job at an HIV healthcare center. In 1993, her auditioning paid off and she landed her first big “break by getting the final spot on MTV’s reality show “The Real World: Los Angeles”. #wow! That was you girl?! Didn’t even recognize you with all that yelling and cussing you use to do! After the Real World season ended, Anderson was a relief VJ for MTV and did a lot of hosting jobs for the network such as Beach MTV, MTV Jams, and Rude Awakening to  name a few. She also received guest starring roles on the hit TV show The Parkers with Monique, and the Steve Harvey Show. When Tami’s not in front of the camera, she enjoys coming up with ideas for television and feature films, and even just recently wrote a script based loosely on her life as an NBA wife.

Anderson was married to former NBA player Kenny Anderson, but after six years of marriage when the rumors of his cheating kept surfacing into their marriage. Tami left and never looked back, although she signed a pre-nuptial agreement at the beginning of their marriage and by leaving him, she would end up with nothing; that was okay for her.  She left without a dime, but at least she had her dignity. She was forced to use food stamps to care for their two daughters therefore recently denying allegations that she walked away with half of his assets.

Although being the ex-wife of a basket-ball player fit her being on the show pretty well, but it was a time for Tami to put her side of the story out there and also admitting that after the nasty divorce with ex-husband Kenny, she regretted not putting her two girls first. Also admitting that she and ex-hubby don’t particularly agree or get-along at all, she says they both haven’t been the best positive role models for their kids and that has taken a negative-tale on Kenny’s relationship with her daughters.

Now with the escalating drama that comes about each time on the show with the girls of “Basketball Wives”  from Jennifer upsetting Tami because she claimed she never knew what a “food stamp” looked like or the feisty and similarity of her and cast-mate Evelyn Lozada. Tami is keeping it together for the sake of herself and her two beautiful daughters Lyric Chanel and Kenni Lauren where she currently resides in Beverly Hills.

It was a pleasure introducing you all to the real Tami Roman, on behalf of VERSEDonline; you all stay blessed! Salute!

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