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Mar 2011

The much anticipated wedding of royalties most loved couple: Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Melissa Jean

Entertainment Writer



 So I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of the late Princess Diana and her two gorgeous sons; Prince William and Harry. So that’s why it’s also an exciting time now that Prince William is preparing to wed long-time girlfriend and newly fiancée Kate Middleton on April 29th 2011 at the Abbey Westminister; one of the most legendary and oldest churches in England. It is said that Queen Elizabeth II married at the abbey, the 1,000-year-old church in central London where British kings and queens are crowned. The couple William and Kate decided against celebrating their nuptials at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where William’s parents married in 1981.

The couple chose the date because they wanted a spring wedding. It’s also said to be the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, whose name Middleton shares. The lovely couple who met in college as art history majors both attending St. Salvator University have already decided who’s attending and who’s not! Sarah Ferguson is NOT invited to the Royal Wedding at all, and I’m not just talking about not being invited to the luncheon reception hosted by the queen, or the dinner dance hosted by Prince Charles later that night. She’s literally not even invited to be one of the 1,900 guests for the wedding ceremony of her nephew, Prince William. #oouch!

Their legit invitations have been signed, sealed and delivered! The gilt-edged invitations to Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton’s April 29 wedding ceremony went out to 1,900 guests went out two months before the actual wedding date. The conservatively designed white card is stamped with (grandmother-of-the-groom) Queen Elizabeth’s golden insignia, and a strict request of a dress code of military uniform which may consists of morning coat or lounge (business) suit. But guests must thoroughly read their invitations, because this particular invite to Westminster Abbey applies to the 11:00 a.m. marriage ceremony ONLY. #damn! Guess we can cancel our flight in late april!


Here is a copy of the invitation (the 11:00am one that is!):

The full celebration is actually a three-part affair, with more exclusive guest lists. And when it comes to who’s making the cut, I’m pretty sure some will get snubbed and be visibly upset! #relax bruh! You just goin have to watch it on t.v. like the rest of us! It is said the luckiest of royal insiders will get an invitation to the reception that the Queen is hosting for a total of 600, to be held at the church immediately after the ceremony #hey,  the 1,300 of you that aint make the cut, don’t let the Abbey door hit you on the way out! lol There’s also another invitation from Prince Charles, who’s hosting a dinner for 300 that night at Buckingham Palace.

Although French president Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni made the guest list, and so did the Kings of Bahrain, Jordan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, for some reason the palace has reportedly decided not to invite the President and first lady Michelle Obama. But it’s been reported that U.S. presidents were invited to the weddings of both Prince Charles to Diana and Prince Andrew to Sarah in the ’80s. So why the sudden change? The palace’s explanation and reason is; and this is according to the Daily Mail: Since Prince William is not the sovereign, or immediate heir (meaning he wont be king anytime soon), his marriage isn’t “a formal state occasion.” Well whether boo-boo the fool or King Julius wasn’t invited, it’s only right the current U.S president be invited to such a huge ceremonial event.

Well we here at Versed Magazine can’t wait to see these lovely people off at their wedding! I’m sure it’ll be just as beautiful as the Prince’s parents televised wedding that took place three decades ago. On behalf of Versed Magazines; we wish this young and beautiful couple the best in what is to be a long and prosperous marriage! Cheers!

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