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Oct 2013



G- Unit member Lloyd Banks is back. This time he is coming with a new mixtape. Banks has been traveling all over the world and fans has been anticipating the release of any music from the Queens rapper. Banks is set to release AON Vol. 1 on Halloween. Check out the track list and see a few surprise appearance from your favorite rappers.

1. The Natural

2. Failure’s No Option

3. Pain In Variety

4. You Wish

5. Reminder

6. Paint the Sky (Feat. Vado)

7. The Plague

8. Lead the Blind

9. Daily Betrayal

10. Cover Me (Feat. Styles P)

11. Keep Up

12. Tour Stories

13. My Flight

14. Drop a Diamond (Feat. Raekwon)

15. House Pride

16. No Surrender (Feat. Mr. Probz)


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