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Bangledesh, a prominent producer from Atlanta, GA, is best known for producing some of today’s hottest artists. From Lil’ Wayne’s, “A Milli” to Beyonce’s “Diva”, Bangledesh has more than a handful of hits under his belt. Now Bangledesh is coming from behind the boards to the mic with his own debut album, “Flowers and Candy.” Upon the release of his “feel good” song, Trixx, Bangledesh sat down with VERSED Online to talk about what inspired him to name his debut album, “Flowers and Candy”, and also reveals a surprise of a very famous child star who is signed to his label, Bangladesh Records. When asked about his non profit organization called “Hey Young World” Bangladesh tells us the focus is to target urban youth, encouraging them to stay off the street while doing something positive.

Check out the interview below where Bangladesh gives advice to emerging producers,  provides contact information for music artists to send their music, and more.

Check it out:

Image: Singersroom

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