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JoceLien, also known as, Jocelien Danee Whitehead, is a sensational 15 year old rising star from Greenville, NC.  She attends Jones Middle School in Trenton, NC. She is a vocalist, dancer, actress and all around amazing entertainer and performer.  Since the age of 4 she has been performing and participating in competitive dance competitions, singing anywhere and every chance that presented it to the young and adorable artist. At such a young age, audiences were immediately captivated by her amazing smile, personality and performance.   David Payton, playwriter, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, first heard her sing the National Anthem at 9 years old.  Payton was so impressed by JoceLien’s performance he offered her roles in several plays touring throughout the Southeastern United States.   “They Said I Wouldn’t Make It”, “Stand By Me” and “Behind the Pulpit” Payton’s untimely death in 2011 left the 12yo looking for a clear direction.

That’s not all, Jocelien has recently just signed with her first major record label 5050 Music Group by way of Universal Records, Jocelien is still in the process of recording new songs and her first album with 5050 Music Group should be out early 2015 and distributed worldwide. JoceLien recently performed at Women’s Empowerment on March 23, 2013 at the PNC center in Raleigh along with Charlie Wilson, Erykah Badu, and Smokey Norful with a sold out audience of 18,000 people.  Jocelien has also performed at events such as The Pitt county Minority Expo; Beauty is a Beast (LCC Scholarship Foundation), East Carolina University NAACP Chapter “Showtime at the Apollo” fundraiser event, Jones County Motown Revue Charity Event and a host of churches, festivals, and non-profit events.  “A lot of exciting things are happening and the support has been unbelievable, I am so grateful and blessed”, says JoceLien about her success.  Once you hear this young lady you will never forget it.  Keep your eyes and ears on this one.  You can support and find upcoming performances by joining JoceLien’s Face book Fan Page, on Twitter @ Jocelien Danee, and also buying her new song releases.  JoceLien’s platform is also associated with the ABC-Anti-Bullying Coalition and Stop Bullying: Speak Up which she is very passionate about being she was a victim of bullying at an early age.  She performed a song wrote about bullying called “Invincible” at the Courage Rocks, Be Bold Festival April 14, 2013 to raise money for anti-bullying prevention.  A portion of all proceeds and album sells will be donated to support this worthy alliance.


Check out her VERSED Approved spotlight below:


  • First of all thanks for talking to us, now let’s get into the interview. How are you managing singing with everyday life? Well I’m home schooled now so it’s a little easier, I am a workaholic and I love improving myself so my everyday life is music and singing so I guess I’m handling it well.


  • How old were you when you started singing? I was 4 years old.


  • Your voice is very strong, so you do any exercising vocally or training to maintain your voice? Yes I have voice lesson with Miss Black NC 2010 Rasheeda Waddell 3 times a week, to improve on anything you must work at it and practice.


  • You have been on stage and performing for a while now. What do you love about being on stage? I love to entertain, the moment I step on the stage I want the crowd to be entertain from beginning to the end. I love to sing and to bring emotions out of people with my songs and voice.


  • We read somewhere that you have started writing. What inspires you? Believe it or not when I’m upset I write the most, I guess it’s because it a feeling I don’t get often so that’s how I channel through it.


  • If we were to look at your iPod or phone right now, what artists would we find? Wow, Beyoncé, Rhianna, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Space Ship Days, and Five Knives…but I have a lot more.


  • You first single is called ‘Party Like A Rockstar,’ and it’s about cutting loose and having a good time. What do you do when you need to relax and feel comfortable? I put my ear plugs on and listen to music…it calms me.


  • You are preparing your album, what kinds of sounds and music can we expect on it? Pop, Techno, R&B, and a little Rock!


  • You are only 15, which is amazing, what career goals do you have for yourself? Just making a name for myself in movies, commercial, music world, and collaborating with other entertainers. This is a hard business but I know with hard work, discipline, and a team of believers behind me I can reach the goal of people hearing my music world wide.


  • How do we keep up with everything you are doing? You can keep up with me by going to, JoceLien on Facebook, Jocelien Danee @JoceLien_Danee on Twitter, and _QueenJocee on Instagram


Watch and vibe to  her “Love Struck” video below:


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