Tuesday February 20, 2018
May 2013

A list of the hottest books on the shelf!

1)  honor thy thugHonor Thy Thug: by Wahida Clark

2) Fly BettyFly Betty, A Harlem Girl Lost: by Treasure Blue

3) Whats Blood got to do with itWhat’s Blood Got To Do With It: by Sheilia E. Lipsey

4) The Motherhood DiariesThe Motherhood Diaries: by Reshonda Tate Billingsley

5) The Demise OF aLEXISThe Demise of Alexis Vancamp: by Karen Williams

6) nEICEY nASHIt’s Hard to Fight Naked: by Neicey Nash

7)  six letter wordThe Six-Letter Word/Turnabout Is Fair Play: by Marissa Monteilh

8) never keeping secretsNever Keeping Secrets: by Niobia Bryant

9) Ask WendyAsk Wendy: by Wendy Williams

10) God's PrevisionGod’s Prevision For Your Every Need: by T.D. Jakes


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