Monday February 19, 2018
Oct 2013

A list of the hottest books on the shelf!

1) Exposed When Good Wives Go Bad Exposed: When Good Wives Go Bad: by Anna J

2) Losing To Win  Losing To Win: by Michelle Grant

3) The Glamorous Life 2 The Glamourous Life 2: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold: by Nikki Turner

4 ) Flippin The Hustle Flippin The Hustle: by Trae Macklin

5) Parallel Pasts Parallel Pasts: by Julia Blues

6) You Might Just Get Burned You Might Just Get Burned: by Shamara Ray

7) D&K D&K: by Mariposa Urbana

8)Hell House Hell House: Reality TV Drama: by Brenda Hampton

9) Secrets Of The Southern Belle Secrets Of The Southern Belle: by Phaedra Parks

10) The Rejected Stone The Rejected Stone: by Reverend Al Sharpton


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