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Jul 2014

Big Ang with a bottle of her wine.

Angela Raiola, better known as Big Ang is a fan favorite on the hit VH1 show, Mob Wives. Since appearing on the second season of Mob Wives, Big Ang has shown another side of the show, providing a  fun and laid back side of Mob Wives that has fans tuning in every season.

Big Ang runs a successful bar in her hometown, Staten Island called, The Drunken Monkey, and recently opened the Brooklyn Monkey in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Brooklyn Monkey, which is operated by her husband, is located at 1 Front St., Fulton Ferry District, NY 11201 (between Dock St. & York St. in Dumbo), so go check it out!

Big Ang had 2 spin off shows where the first season highlighted Big Ang’s life (and partying), and the second season, the opening of her South Beach bar with her daughter. Now Big Ang can add Granny to her many roles thanks to her three beautiful grandchildren. VERSED Online had the chance to get the busy Mob wife for an exclusive interview where she discuss why she is able to stay away from confrontation, her distaste for the fighting that takes place between the cast mates, her love of being a grandmother, her wine line (, and much more. Check Big Ang on Instagram and Twitter, and her official website:

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Check full interview below to hear what she has in store:

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