Saturday January 20, 2018
May 2014


Actor turned rapper turned singer, Mack Wilds, sat with VERSED Online to give a candid interview on his music projects. Wilds, who’s originally known for his acting in the hit show “The Wire,” and “90210” [among others], is taking the industry by storm. With his good looks blazing the screen, to his soothing vocals stimulating your ear drums, Wilds hit single “Henny” is hitting the airwaves heavy and making his transition that much easier. Caught between acting and music, Wilds states his true love is being creative, whether it’s through the form of music, acting, or art. When asked about the inspiration behind his single “Henny”, Wilds state “… a night with Henny is all you really need. It didn’t necessarily have to be about the drink itself, but something that has the same feeling. Smooth like a shot of Henny.”

With the circulating beef between R&B artists, August Alsina and Trey Songz, when asked about the two burying the hatchet, Wilds chimes in by simply stating, “sometimes it’s bigger than music. It’s one of those things where you can’t really tell.” And yes ladies, Mack Wilds is single … check out what he said about his ideal woman and more.



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