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Dec 2014

VERSED Online artists to watch 2015 is an online exposure platform focused on highlighting emerging music artists [and entrepreneurs.] The emerging talents featured on VERSED Online throughout the years have met the criteria of being VERSED in their genres. As the end of 2014 approaches, we’ve pulled together a list of 7 emerging music artists who we’ve had the opportunity to feature on VERSED Online, and have had the chance to see their musical growth [whether it’s from 2011 or 2014]. Whether they have a strong team of managers and PR’s behind them, or have decided to work completely independently, they have remained consistent with their music and have worked tirelessly on growing their fan-base all while perfecting their craft. These selected artists [from all over the U.S.] have been deemed worthy of being #VERSEDapproved and definitely are artists to watch out and check for 2015. Check them out below:



Matt PFV 10329809_10203653672879723_8127328424969809088_o


Hands down a lyrical beast! Matt, an independent Hip Hop artist from Akron, Ohio, has opened up for the likes of Royce Da 5’9″, Hopsin, Jarren Benton, Layzie Bone, Twista, Snow Tha Product, Ces Cru, Dizzy Wright, and more. With his recent album release, “Say Something Real” [available on iTunes], Matt’s unique lyrical flows brings a diverse flavor to his musical content. His music is making waves across top online music platforms; and with his consistent delivery this is sure to increase.

Matt’s ability to ride the beat with his hard hitting lyrical flows has landed him in our artists to watch countdown for 2015.


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MaryAnn 1531561_10153095682028322_2867172098123591259_n


Sultry vocals is one way to describe MaryAnn. Showing her music variety and vocal capabilities on each track, this R&B California songstress proves time and time again that she is not afraid to go against the grain. With the continuous growth of her fanbase, MaryAnn continues to release gravitating tracks and visuals.

MaryAnn is one of the top 10 music artists on our countdown to watch in 2015 because of her ability to not only sooth you with her vocals, but also her ability to wow  you consistently with her hands down amazing tracks and visuals.


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ILLijah 10703738_904244569588173_3208456278624257660_n


With his unique vocals and sound, Portland, Maine native, ILLijah, is proving what it means to be a hardworking talent solidifying his spot in the industry. Growing up on the likes of Marvin Gay, Boys II Men, Luther Van Dross and Bobby Brown as musical inspirations, this R&B/Pop artist centered his life on music. Despite dealing with many family crises, ILLijah was that much more determined to make it, holding steadfast in his dreams. ILLijah’s feel good R&B/Pop infused music tracks have landed him in our artists to watch for 2015 countdown. This may just be the breath of fresh air the industry needs.


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Damani Nkosi Damani-By-Pascal-Kerouche-1024x683


Hailing from Inglewood, CA, music artist, Damani Nkosi, has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to stand among the greats of the music industry. Having worked alongside BJ The Chicago Kid, Musiq Soulchild, PJ Morton of Maroon 5 [among others], Damani used his traveling experience to various European countries as an opportunity to expand his perspective on his life as a part of his creative progression. Damani’s ability to cross musical boundaries with his lyrical abilities and smooth, but yet hard hitting tracks has landed him on our countdown of music artists to watch in 2015.


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Rich Quick rich-1


New Jersey native [but Philly based] artist, Rich Quick, was introduced to the music scene at age seven. With his increased love for music, Rich spent days-on-end perfecting his craft by penning rhymes to instrumentals. Releasing his “I’m With The DJ” Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles back in 2012, solidified his spot as an emerging music artist as his mixtape garnered positive reviews. With his work featured on some of the biggest music websites [,,, just to name a few] Rich has landed numerous interviews, features, shows and cypher appearances.

With his melodic rap format, this Hip Hop emcee made it to our countdown of the top 10 music artists to watch for 2015 for his laid back old school mixed with modern [story telling] lyrical delivery.


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Michael Gadiva 2014-12-30 00.36.10


With a unique sound and music format, this Atlanta based lyricist made her way on the scene this year with the release of her “Damn … she got bars series.” Dropping elaborate freestyle covers to the likes of “Woah” and “Tom Ford” [among others] Michael Gadiva is on the move to captivate Hip Hop lovers while giving her growing fan base an eargasm. Growing up in a musical family, Gadiva pursued a rapping career at the tender age of seven, leading to the development of her [now] brand. Having worked alongside The Dream, B.o.B, Bangladesh, and Oak, the rising [fe]emcee is getting ready to release her highly anticipated album ‘Conversation Piece” in 2015.

She has made her way to our countdown of the top 10 music artists to watch for 2015 for her hard hitting lyrical flows, lyrical delivery, and her ability to move away from the ‘standard’ of the industry for a [fe] emcee.


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Mooch young-Mooch-


Not at all afraid of controversy, Harlem rapper, Mooch, is dropping lyrical flows and calling out fake gangsters and friends, when necessary. Mooch’s confidence level allows him to spit with precision that can only be described as unbelievably powerful. This lyricist is featured on our music artists to watch for 2015 because he gives you the raw and grittiness of Hip Hop music that is seemingly becoming obsolete.


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