Thursday January 18, 2018
Jan 2014
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2014 did not start off good for Maybach Music rapper Wale. First, he was upset that Complex magazine did not name him and he went through the roof. Since then, Wale has been of Twitter and made people wonder if everything was okay with the rapper. Wale decided to talk to his true fans on his Tumblr page.

What I’ve come to grips with is the fact that I am not superhuman, BUT super human.  I think our culture has made it almost a prerequisite to be “too cool” or “swagged out” carrying a “nothing can phase me” image. It’s to the point that the ones who show they care, get attacked the most. I went through stages of frustration in my career with publications because of my own selfishness and sense of entitlement. I admit that. Nevertheless, I think if we calling a spade a spade, some media outlets be on they bullsh-t with me for reasons outside of music. But, my goal moving forward is to focus less on THEM and more on US.

Do you think Wale should be forgiven for his rant?

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