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When to hire an entertainment lawyer…
By: Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves

Before visiting the ER with a bothered stomach, you’d most likely Google what the best “stomach ache remedies” are. Now, envision that stomach ache being more than you can handle. It’s probably a smart move to visit a doctor to have him/her take it from there, right? I’d like to think that what a medical doctor is to your health; an entertainment lawyer is to your music career.

It’s quite surprising how many artists forget or don’t realize the importance of hiring an entertainment lawyer. We’ve discussed how obtaining knowledge of the music industry is a must if you want a career as an artist. No exceptions. (Read Article on, ‘The importance of your music industry knowledge…(The Importance of Your Music Knowledge). Because with the knowledge you obtain from the reliable books you read, reputable professionals you speak with, etc., comes the understanding you need to make the right decisions for your career, including learning the importance of hiring an entertainment lawyer. If Google can’t substitute your medical doctor when your health is in jeopardy, don’t think that it [or anything else] can substitute having an entertainment lawyer when your career is on the line.

You’re probably now asking yourself: “Why do I need an entertainment lawyer? I don’t even have a deal, yet!” I’ll answer with this: The moment you decide you want to make a full-time career out of being an artist is when you need an entertainment lawyer. They present a different perspective of the industry than anyone you’ll talk to – even more so than a manager. They not only provide legal advice, but business and career advice, too. Their job is to look out for your best interest and to protect you. Know that there is no one more non-biased when it comes to your music career than an entertainment lawyer.

The next question you’re probably asking yourself is: “How can I afford an entertainment lawyer?” Well, you’re affording those studio sessions, right? Those are very important but if you want the time, energy and creativity you’ve been putting in during those late nights at the studio to pay off; you need to invest in your career…not just the music. It’s imperative that you get guidance early on in your career so that you do things the right way from the very beginning. An entertainment lawyer can give you all the information you’ll need, with a very broad overview of what you’re going into in this industry. And of course, all by letting you know how you can make a living with your talent, including touching base on your plans and goals to let you know whether they are realistic or not. You’ll be pointed to the right direction. It’s by far the biggest investment you’ll be making.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to be a musician/artist for a living, hire an entertainment lawyer. It’s never too late. Just make sure he/she isn’t just any lawyer. Key word: Entertainment. And of course, find the best one, for YOU.

This post was written by Publicist / Media and Branding Professional, Anna Paula “AP” Gonçalves. If you are an upcoming artist/entrepreneur with questions regarding your brand/career, follow AP on Twitter @annapfgoncalves to interact with her!

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