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Do you remember when Cicely Tyson gave birth to baby “Kunta Kinte” in Roots? It was such a quick and powerful scene, so of course you do. Newborn “Kunta Kinte” was played by Tajh Abdulsamad, from the 80’s R&B group, The Boys. The Boys are  4 brothers  who sang “Dial My Heart.” The Boys [and their parents] moved to Africa once their fame simmered down.  Once in Africa, they  began recording under their new name, Suns of Light. Since then, they’ve released four independent albums. Hakim dropped a solo project and Tajh released two of his own. Hakim and Bilal remain in Gambia, and operate two recording studios. Tahj and Khiry live between Gambia and the U.S., with Tahj now working in merchandising in Atlanta and releasing new music, and Khiry works in film and video production in Los Angeles.



The Boys – Back then


The Boys – Now













Tahj (the one one circled in the above photo) was born in 1976, a year before Roots was released. The 80’s R&B group flooded the airwaves and had several #1 hits. Tahj has been in front of the camera since stepping out the womb (literally). Tahj, 38,  has grown up and now goes by the name of Crown. Check him out below.





The Boys- Dial My Heart

Crown (Tahj)- Comfortable

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