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Nov 2013



Miami rapper Rick Ross is a person who does not have no shame in showing off his body and rock fur. Rick Rozay will be on the cover of the December issue of the Source magazine. Rick Ross is on there with no regular wardrobe. He is seen wearing a blue mink jacket with his body exposed and only covered with tattoos.

Ross opens up to editor, Shaheem Reid about being on the cover of the Source.

“It feel good as hell. When you look at these dope ass covers, just being on the bible, it still means that much to me,” Rozay says in the feature. “You understand? I’m going into my 6th album, my 5th cover just letting you know that every year they supported the team MMG. Get ready for the craziest Ricky Rozay story, as soon as you see me on the cover, pick it up, even if I’m not on the cover, still pick it up. It’s the culture.”

This issue will be on stands November 26th.

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