Sunday February 25, 2018
Jun 2014


This story keeps getting bigger and bigger. June 1st was Hot 97’s Summmer Jam concert. 50 Cent was head lining. If you were either at the concert or watching on ustream, you would have noticed that while 50 was performing, there was a scuffle happening behind him. Later on, it was reported that 50’s “people” actually attacked Queens rapper, Slowbucks. After the attack, Slowbucks chain was snatched and 50 rocked it during a performance.

Slowbucks is not going down without a fight. A footage surfaced of Slowbucks sitting with his lawyer discussing doing an investigation on the attack and a possible civil suit. So the question you ask is, why would 50’s people attack Slowbucks, especially since they use to be so cool. Well apparently, 50 was upset that Slowbucks took a picture with his estranged son. So Slowbuck being attacked was payback for that.

This is crazy. If you seen that fight, you knew it had to be something personal. Can we just increase the peace for hip hop?

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