Wednesday January 17, 2018
Jul 2013


Say it yall: “Al’s got a girlfriend! Al’s got a girlfriend!”

Yes folks the man behind some or many civil rights protest, and MSNBC star has got a young lad on his arm and she is a beauty! Sharpton and Aisha McShaw, 35, a Westchester “personal stylist” have been seen around town at several events including President Obama’s holiday party back in December and A White House dinner in April.

Recently, McShaw arrived dressed in a form-fitting black and white dress with Sharpton by her side at the New York County Democratic Committee Award and the news team was all over her. The Daily News in particular wanted McShaw to define her relationship with the civil rights powerhouse, she simply responded: “I’m his girlfriend.” By then Sharpton came in and whisked her away from a reporter.

Reports say that Sharpton has been spending a lot of time with McShaw.

Good for these two kids!

photo credit: wireimage


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