Monday February 19, 2018
Nov 2014


D.Focis has been working on a project called “Backstage” that we are finally ready to unleash to the world. It’s a series of videos created to inform and educate those who are aspiring to success in the entertainment business. Knowledge is truly power, and we must share what we know to be true to those coming after us. in this first episode D.Focis visited Atlanta based, Morehouse allum and Harvard Law Grad Attorney Sidney Robbins. As a 12 year veteran of the entertainment biz, he’s been behind the scenes of countless deals with companies like Sony Music, So So Def, Grand Hustle and GOOD music just to name a few. In this edition of “Backstage”, Mr. Robins graciously lent his expertise on topics such as contracts, team building, copyright, management and a host of other topics that are imperative for anyone looking to have a chance in the entertainment industry.

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