Valuing Your Visuals Part 2

by Global Brand Appeal (GBA)


Valuing Your Visuals

Part 2

By: Anna Paula Goncalves

120px-SFMG_LogoThis week, we continue our interview with Video Director, Bojan Vanovac (Pronounced: Boy-yawn. Vun-of-us) and also announce #BrandU’s collaboration with Surefire Music Group.

For Part 1 of our interview, see article: Valuing Your Visuals – Part 1

Anna:    With your individual portfolio and now as a Visual Director at Surefire Music Group, you have worked with a lot of different and unique brands.  Are there times that you face any creative challenges?  And if so, what are they and how do you typically deal with them?

Bojan:   Challenges happen every day.  Each and every project is a challenge.  And I think it’s important that they “stay challenges.”  It means you’re doing something new; you’re creating something you haven’t done and you’re expanding yourself as an artist.  People take too many short cuts and easy ways out; those are the people that will never move forward.  If you don’t want to take risks, you will never make it in this industry.  It’s beautiful when you’re on set and something goes wrong, and you get frustrated and have to troubleshoot for a couple hours – then everything clicks, and you’re smiling again.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Every situation is different; I can’t say there’s a specific way to deal with it.  If it’s meant to be, you just figure it out by God’s grace.  Of course you will fail quite a few times, but failure is your best teacher.  You just gotta get your ass up and revamp yourself by doing something greater than that failure. 

Anna:     Meeting with upcoming artists who are investing in a music video for the first time, what would you say is the most common question you get asked?  And what do you typically respond?

Bojan:   Ha. Everyone wants a cheap video.  At the end of the day you get what you pay for.  Also, everyone wants their video to look like [example they pull up on youtube] … what’s the point of that?

Anna:     On that same token, when an artist explores hiring a videographer to direct their first music video, what is the first thing – and the most important thing – the upcoming artist needs to consider regarding that videographer?

Bojan:   I think it’s so important to have a good vibe between the artist and director.  It makes the project worthwhile and you’re able to bounce the positive energy off each other; it makes the rest of the crew and producers happy, as well.  Although this is a business, it’s lame if the collaboration lacks a genuine desire to work with one another – the creativity suffers from the start.  There needs to be trust between the two; the director should never doubt the talent and the talent should always respect the director’s vision.  Of course, prior to hiring a director/videographer you need to find someone that will suit your style.  Someone who films is one thing; someone who films music videos is another.  You need to feel that that individual will create something worth associating with your brand.

Anna:    Many upcoming artists nowadays don’t place much focus on the overall quality of their music video – or any visuals associated with their brand for that matter.  As a professional working with visuals and as a consumer of music, how detrimental can the visual aspect be to their music and brand in general?

Bojan:   I think we’re in an age where the visual is equally as important as the vocal.  The brand will never move forward without visuals.  It’s an essential piece to the puzzle.  I’ve met some dope artists who have no visuals…and they wonder why they can’t get shows or anyone to listen to their mixtape.  I’ve also seen artists with so much low quality, low budget visual content that it makes them irrelevant in the game.  Poor content scares potential fans, and existing ones.  Save your money and produce one video every three months instead of one video every month.  It’s far more effective.  It’s too competitive out there to put out trash.

Anna:    Last week, #BrandU discussed three key functions of an artist’s music video that should be considered in order to produce the best results.  What would you say is another important function that needs to be taken into consideration?

Bojan:   I think you guys nailed some great key points.  I would just re-iterate how important a solid budget is.  Hiring a local kid with an HD camera will not give you a good video.  It’s careless!  I always hear how an artist is going to use a family friend because they’re “free” or “cheap.”  Once again, that’s the kind of visual you will get in return: Cheap.  You get what you pay for.  So I’d say that another important function would be: Quality over Quantity.

Anna:    #BrandU was built to provide free knowledge to help guide upcoming artists towards making the right decisions for their careers/brands.  What is one piece of music video knowledge you would give?

Bojan:   For artists: video is a tool.  Use it.  For up and coming directors: Videos and films are an expression…an expression of freedom.  Spread that freedom and positive energy.

Anna:    And what’s your biggest piece of advice for upcoming artists?

Bojan:   You have to take risks.  In this industry you need to sacrifice everything.  And I really mean everything.  You might lose friends along the way, you might piss your family off, you might go broke for a while, no one will understand you, but in the end it’s worth it.  And don’t be naive.  Be creative with your image.  What makes your brand different?  Think farther outside the box than you ever thought was possible.  Your visual content is what will set you apart from others.  I’ve seen artists do big things over night because of a dope video they dropped.  It’s that powerful.

Anna:    I know that after reading this interview, many of our #BrandU readers will want to hire you to direct their next music video(s) and other visual projects they may have in mind.  How can they inquire about your creative media services? 

Bojan:   Luckily, I have the greatest manager who will gladly assist any clients in inquiring to work with us.  Hit up Jared Hancock at and give us the low down on your next project! 

NOW…to our special announcement.  In collaboration with Surefire Music Group, we are offering our readers a very special deal.  Here goes:

If you are an artist and if you are in need of a quality video, email Bojan’s manager, Jared Hancock at with the code: VYVBrandU2013 in the subject line in order to receive a 20% discount on ALL VIDEO INQUIRIES!  Remember: In order to be eligible for this discount, you MUST schedule your future video shoot (no matter when you’d like to shoot it) by APRIL 29th 2013.

Thanks go out to Bojan for helping us spread knowledge to our readers!  Make sure you connect with him on Twitter!  And also view some of his work on Vimeo.



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