Valuing Your Visuals

by Global Brand Appeal (GBA)


Valuing Your Visuals

Part 1

By: Anna Paula Goncalves

Continuous_Improvement_IconLet’s face it, if you’re not placing value in the visuals that represent you as an artist, you might as well move on to another career because “being an entertainer” is not for you.  Visuals – which include your music videos – are an essential piece of your branding efforts.  The truth of the matter is this: how you advertise your music through your music videos will speak highly of your message and your image…hence the three key functions that were discussed last week.  (See article: The Key Functions of Your Music Video.) 

So instead of moving on to a different topic this week, I decided to reach out to a professional that could share his passion and knowledge with our #BrandU readers – a visual expert if you will.  In a 2-part article, you will get to know award winning video director, Bojan Vanovac (Pronounced: Boy-yawn. Vun-of-us).  Not only has Bojan worked in the production of films, documentaries, commercials, and video games, he has quickly become known for his extensive creative abilities with cover videos, live performance videos, and music videos.  Launching his own multimedia production company, Alpha D’Arc and later merging with Boston based [Grammy, BET, Dove, and Soultrain Award nominated] creative media production company, Surefire Music Group, Bojan has built up quite the reputation and repertoire as a young video director.

Anna:    Have you always practiced this passion for video production?

Bojan:   I was actually kind of a lost teenager who didn’t know what he wanted.  With the pressure of society, it’s stressful thinking you’re different and trying to blend in when in reality you just have all this creative energy building up and you don’t even know.  I failed just about everything I tried to do.  I was terrible at paying attention in school.  And I don’t believe in that A.D.D. bs either, by the way.  I think people are smarter than they believe and just need to find ways to express themselves.  But I was always fascinated by art – just never thought that I’d be creating it one day.  I remember when I was 14, I was heavy into video games and I think this is where I first touched video production – when I was grabbing game footage and editing it for competitive teams along the east coast.  I think that was my first true starting point in the video editing world.  I taught myself everything – safe to say it kind of foreshadowed my future. 

Anna:    How about that first camera you purchased?  Tell us about that experience!

Bojan:   After 2 years at USM, out of the blue, I bought the best camera I could afford at the time, which was a small Sony camcorder.  I would film random things, something as simple as myself sitting in the park!  I think that was the beauty of it at that time.  Soon as I turned that camera on, it was like the whole world stopped.  I fell in love!  It was like finding a treasure that was always there but never knowing you had it. 

Anna:    I understand you are very much a creative mind—you create all sorts of visual projects.  But how did you get into music and music video directing?

Bojan:   I’ve been indirectly involved with music my whole life.  When I say involved, I mean that I was influenced by the culture.  I was heavy into break dancing; would even write poetry and raps with my homeboys.  I just always knew as a kid that I wanted to be involved in entertainment somehow.  I grew up on hip hop, but also very exposed to trance and electronic music years before it was mainstream in the states.  My older brother would sneak me into clubs in Boston when I was 16 years old, and while watching DJ’s like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, [among others]… it let me mature quicker and opened my eyes to a lot of elements I use in my directing today.  I think experiencing life in a unique way is key to being a great director.  You have to understand emotions and feelings in a much heightened state.  I just wanted to create, anything and everything.  But, I wasn’t immediately interested in music videos.  I was actually more into special FX in the beginning.  I really wanted to do movies, but of course, everyone I made a connection with was into music, so everyone would ask me to create their music videos.  This quickly turned into something big.  I was in high demand locally and I saw the business opportunity.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I knew it would help me get to the next level. 

Anna:    What would you say inspires you?  

Bojan:   I can’t really pin-point one individual inspiration.  I just try to find inspiration in everything I do, see, or anyone I meet in my life.  If I’m working with a talented artist, they inspire me.  There’s nothing better than receiving an inquiry with an amazing track attached to it.  But also, everything in my past inspires me.  I look back, and I’m able to find inspiration in situations I didn’t quite understand growing up.   Now I get why certain things happened the way they did.  From being born into a civil war, to failing at everything else I attempted.  It has shaped my mind and without a doubt helps me be a better filmmaker.

Anna:    When you take on a music video project, you become extremely involved from beginning to end.  What is the most exciting part of the process for you?

Bojan:   I love being involved in everything if I’m directing the video.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by a talented production team and I let them do what they’re good at but I still like to play all the roles ‘cause I care about the end product.  Every step is exciting, but there’s two points in a production that really make it all worth it…when I’m writing a treatment and I finally come up with that dope idea!  Or during a creative meeting where the team is bouncing around ideas and then something just clicks and we’ll say: “That’s it!  That’s the concept!”  Then you have that moment when you’re on set and your vision is coming to life.  You see it exactly how you visualized it in your treatment.  I think that’s the best part.

To be continued…

Are you enjoying my interview with Bojan?  MAKE SURE you come back next week for Part 2!  Come ready to learn AND come ready to hear an exclusive announcement regarding #BrandU’s collaboration with Surefire Music Group.  I promise that you will NOT be disappointed!

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