What’s The Beef?: Tamar Braxton Gets Flip With K. Michelle On Twitter

by Melissa Jean

Now ladies, obviously it can become extremely difficult and nerve-racking when dealing with the female population. Yes attitudes fly, wrong-choice of words come out and sometimes just straight up jealousy and hate come out as well. Not sure if that was the case with these two “song-birds” here but Tamar Braxton was showing out and tweeting a bit recklessly about Love & Hip Hop cast member K. Michelle. K. Michelle was definitely no punk, and had a nice response for that a**.com!

When VH1 premiered  Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta on Monday, of course twitter was on fire that night as everyone took to the social network to broadcast their thoughts and opinions. All of you saw when singer K. Michelle was on the show recounting her personal story of being in an abusive relationship with an unknown gentleman. During the story telling, K. Michelle never mentioned who the infamous “Ike Turner” was but it  later came out to be none other than Memphitz she was talking about.

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Apparently Memphitz has never spoken about K. Michelle nor their relationship and what happened in it , but Memphitz new wife Toya Carter has maintained that Memphitz never put his hands on K. Michelle. #wuh-teva!!

Now here’s where it got  interesting, according to (urbandaily.com) Toya and Tamar Braxton are friends and the two ladies were tweeting back and forth about K. Michelle being wack and living in a fairytale. However K. Michelle quickly “son’ed” Tamar and tweeted, “I like Toni better!”  #crickets! 


Everyone needs to stop with the attacking tweets and just let people tell their story how they want to!

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